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Rhode Island State Fusion Center


The Rhode Island State Fusion Center was founded in 2005 following the identification of intelligence shortfalls after 9/11. The Fusion Center, which is under the command of a Rhode Island State Police Lieutenant, is staffed by four intelligence analysts, an intelligence officer from the Department of Homeland Security, and sworn members of the Rhode Island State Police.

The Fusion Center was established to investigate potential terrorist activity, as well as to facilitate the dissemination of the intelligence information to local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. The scope of the Fusion Center has expanded to include the investigation of all criminal activity.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Rhode Island State Fusion Center is to facilitate the efficient, timely, and accurate exchange of information between local, state, and federal public safety agencies and private sector organizations. Through a cooperative and coordinated approach, the Fusion Center will augment law enforcement operations by acting as a centralized, comprehensive criminal intelligence center to coordinate the exchange of criminal information on a statewide basis. The Rhode Island Fusion Center will collect, analyze and disseminate intelligence information in an effort to identify, investigate, and prevent criminal activity relevant to terrorism and public safety. Those assigned to the Fusion Center actively investigate all information and leads received that could be associated with terrorist activity or may pose a threat to Homeland Security.


If You See Something, Say Something.

If you are witnessing activity that may require police, fire, or medical response, please call 9-1-1 immediately.

If you have witnessed suspicious activity that did not pose an immediate threat, please Report Suspicious Behavior.


What you report when contacting law enforcement or the Fusion Center is critical.
Learn more about the vital information to obtain when reporting suspicious activity.